Refining nurse competencies next step as consultation closes

Thank you to the thousands of nurses who took the time to respond to the Enrolled Nurse and Registered Nurse competencies consultation. That consultation has now closed.

We have had substantial feedback that will help inform the next phase of this review.

Next steps

We will review all the feedback and make changes to refine the competencies where appropriate.

We plan to consult on the revised competencies mid-year. This may include seeking additional expert advice and undertaking targeted consultation with stakeholders.

We will then make recommendations to the Council’s Board for their consideration and approval later in the year.

Considerable feedback on continuing competence and PDRP requirements

Nurses have expressed concern about the number of competencies and the impact this has on continuing competence requirements, particularly Professional Development and Recognition Programmes (PDRPs).

Competencies describe the skills, knowledge, and attributes expected of nurses registered in each scope of practice. They are used for multiple purposes including to inform nursing education curriculums, competence assessments, and evidence of safety to practise as a nurse.

Nursing is a complex profession, and so too, the nursing competencies must reflect the breadth of knowledge, skills, and attributes required to provide safe care now and into the future.

Once the competencies are finalised, we will review the requirements for continuing competence, including recertification audit and peer review processes. We will work with the nursing profession, educators, and employers to consider how new competencies could be implemented in practice, including the processes for maintaining continuing competence.

We thank you for your contribution and value your input as part of the work to strengthen and support nursing practice in Aotearoa, New Zealand.