Tohutuku hōtaka aroturuki whakaurutanga-mua

Accrediting and monitoring pre-registration programmes

A number of educational institutes offer programmes that are accredited by the Nursing Council (the Council) and lead to registration as either a registered nurse or an enrolled nurse. The qualifications include a bachelor of nursing degree or a graduate entry master's degree or a New Zealand diploma in enrolled nursing. All these programmes are accredited by the Council in collaboration with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and the Council for University Academic Programmes (CUAP).

Programmes are accredited for a maximum of five years. If significant changes are made to a curriculum, or a new delivery site is established, the programme must be re-accredited. The Nursing Council regularly monitors curricula and institutions to ensure they continue to meet the education programme standards for the relevant scope of practice. Please see the Downloads on this page for relevant documents.

The following sections in the Schools Handbook are particularly relevant here:

  • Appendix 3: Policy guidelines for the accreditation of institutions seeking to establish a school of nursing
  • Appendix 4: Education programme standards for the registered nurse scope of practice
  • Appendix 5: Education programme standards for the enrolled nurse scope of practice.