RN Education Programme Standards (2021) have been updated

Click here for updated version that includes Standard Seven for use in emergency events.

The Council at its January 2022 meeting, considered the consultation feedback to the proposed emergency supplementary education standards. The Council approved the inclusion of an emergency standard (Standard Seven) in the existing 2021 education standards.

This Standard will be initiated by the Nursing Council during an emergency of national significance and in the event that the accredited schedule of clinical placements have been significantly disrupted by restrictions imposed by the emergency. All other standards will continue to be met. This Standard currently applies to Registered Nurse education programmes; the Council intends to develop a similar standard for Enrolled Nurse programmes.

Standard Seven: Emergency Events, allows for the inclusion of a specified number of hours in paid employment related to the emergency, within a student’s required clinical learning hours and, in certain circumstances, a reduction in overall clinical hours. This will maintain the high quality of student learning and ensure that clinical experiences are not compromised.

Consultation on a draft set of emergency ‘supplementary’ standards was carried out in November and December 2021. This involved meetings with groups of educators, directors of nursing, and tauira, as well as an online call for feedback on these draft standards. A summary of the written submissions received during this consultation can be downloaded below.

Analysis of draft supplementary standards submissions