Expanding the nursing workforce for the Aotearoa New Zealand COVID-19 vaccination programme

The Nursing Council’s new Annual Practising Certificate (APC) condition aims to increase the nursing workforce for the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

All nurses who are not currently practising can now apply for an APC with the condition ‘may only practice in administering COVID-19 vaccinations’.

This new condition on an APC targets nurses who:
  • have been registered in Aotearoa New Zealand at some time in the past
  • have been away from nursing practice for a long time
  • want to take part in the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Nurses with this condition on their APC can only work in roles administering or related to the COVID-19 vaccine and are responsible for ensuring their competence to practice.

Please note, the COVID-19 vaccination condition has been introduced to support the COVID vaccination rollout. It is not intended as a return to nursing practice pathway.

Applications to renew APCs with this condition will be assessed on an individual basis.

Nurses who did not practice for a long time before receiving an APC with the COVID-19 vaccination condition and who wish to work in other areas may need to complete a Competence Assessment Programme (CAP), further education or have conditions applied to their APC.

To apply for an APC with this condition, please email the following information to [email protected]:

  • your date of birth or registration number
  • a request to apply for an APC to administer COVID-19 vaccines
  • a brief timeline/CV of your work history.

Please contact [email protected] for further information.