Standards and guidelines for nurses

The publications on this page outline the standards and competencies expected of nurses. The guidelines provide advice from the Council to nurses, to assist them to provide safe and competent nursing care. 

For information on purchasing hard copy publications, please  contact us.


Code of Conduct standards and guidelines

Code of Conduct Booklet full  (Hard copy $5.00)

Code of Conduct printer friendly (PDF, 235 KB)

Code of Conduct A4 poster (PDF, 227 KB)

Code of Conduct A3 poster (PDF, 265 KB)

Guidelines Prof Boundaries Booklet full (Hard copy $5.00)

Guidelines Professional Boundaries printer friendly (PDF, 119 KB)

Guidelines Social Media (Hard copy $2.00)

 If copies of the Code of Conduct and Guidelines: Professional Boundaries are ordered together, the cost will be $8.00 for both.  

Scope of practice competencies and guidelines

Competencies for enrolled nurses April 2012 (Hard copy $10.00)

Competencies for nurse practitioners December 2012 (PDF, 124 KB)

Competencies for registered nurses (Hard copy $10.00)

Guideline Expanded practice for registered nurses Sep 2010 (PDF, 615 KB)


Guidelines for practice

Guideline Delegation of care by a registered nurse to a health care assistant (PDF, 730 KB)

Poster Guideline Delegation of care by a registered nurse to a health care assistant (PDF, 156 KB)

Guideline Responsibilities for direction and delegation of care to enrolled nurses (PDF, 641 KB)

Guidelines for Cultural Safety, the Treaty of Waitangi and Maori Health

Guidelines for cultural safety, the Treaty of Waitangi, and Maori health in nursing education and practice  (Hard copy $20.00)

Position statements

Advice to Nurses Becoming Quit Card Providers (PDF, 170 KB)

Communication Anaesthetic nursing (PDF, 93 KB)

Other guidelines

HRANZ DHB Guidelines for Competency Referrals (PDF, 174 KB)

HRANZ Joint Guidelines on transmissible major viral infections (PDF, 53 KB)

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